*The story of Anne’s dates back to 11th June 1929. This dream was envisaged and brought to fruition by our pioneers     mother Beatrice Marti, Sr. Pauline Coelho and Sr. Ida Mendes.

1929- A large room in Derby hotel at Colaba causeway was rented. It was adequate for 60 children that same day 11th june there were 59 admissions. However, the number grew from sixty … eighty …. One hundred and twenty . The space was constricting and for the quality education and the nuns did not want to deprive the children of anything hence the sisters began their search for a larger domain, so in

1930 – The second floor of Ormsby house on Ormiston road became their temporary aboard. 120 children filled the airy rooms later the family on the ground floor also moved out and the toddlers moved in. The school was operating between 2 floors. It was at this time the school was placed under the patronage of St. Anne’s and was given its name.

1931- Jer Villa ( Steafan Hall ) Wodehouse road was spied as the increasing numbers compelled them to look out for this place. It was a significant year for them , since the first batch appeared for Bombay matriculation examination, which at that point of time was standard 8. But with swelling nos. this to seemed insufficient, so the search began till …….

1934 – The Grange ( Archbishop’s house Wodehouse road ) was located. It was their abode for a short span of 8 years . It  too was soon unable to accommodate the growing nos so a shift again…..

1942- Grosvenor House  which is now St. Anne’s High School was up for sale. The then Archbishop Thomas D’Esterre Roberts s.jwas very helpful in obtaining the house for the sisters . This mansion was possible with the timely monetary support of many benefactors and JM students all over the world.

1988-89  St. Anne’s celebrated  the Diamond Jubilee year . The year began with a musical entitled Christmas carol.

2007  A historic moment for Anne’s. A musical entitled Seven Brides for Seven Brothers was staged at Mumbai’ s National Center of Performing Arts Theaters.

2008-09 Sisters Act, another musical was also performed on a grand scale.

2007 The torch lit by our early sisters is still kept alive our students excel not just in academics but also in a variety of extra curricular activities like elocution , debates quizzes , exhibitions and sports at the National and International areana.

2016- Today we have 930 students with 34 staff members. We will soon be shifting from the SSC State Board to the ICSE Board which is a milestone in Anne’s growth.